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Benefits of Immersion, Part 1

Immersion 1

Maybe you have read some previous posts on this blog and think that Academic and Social Immersion sounds too good to be true.

Maybe you are thinking that this model would work “if only” you had different administration, different parents, different students…different everything.

Maybe you are wondering why a parent of a typically developing child would choose to have them included in this type of model.

Maybe you have seen great results from another type of program and are afraid to rock the boat of stability and familiarity.

Don’t take our word for it. Here are some things that a few of our parents have to say about Academic and Social Immersion and their experiences:

  • “When we first got here, we couldn’t go to a restaurant as a family because we were concerned about our child’s behaviors, but as we’ve had the benefit of the school, those things have really normalized for us. We can go anywhere.”
  • “I have to say that you made my son feel on top of the world! He beamed over his (citizenship) certificate as soon as he got in the car. We went to show my parents and his big sister. I am so proud of him. This is a boy that begged me to homeschool last year because he didn’t want to go. The social struggle was a huge part of it. As a mom, I just want to send a big hug and thank you!”
  • “(My son’s) been so excited to go to school this week.  I think he was really used to being different and feeling unconnected from the other kids. I don’t think they really interested him all that much because the interactions were so unfulfilling. He is having the exact opposite response at Oakstone.  I can’t tell you how much I’ve wanted this for him.”
  • “My son is the living proof of the miracles and commitment provided by Oakstone Academy…At Oakstone, everyone (admin and teachers) are committed to the individual growth and success in the social setting where all the students support one another. No one has a disability at Oakstone. All are abled and the talents of the children there shine.”


We ask that you check out the research. (We have some on our PUBLICATIONS tab above.) Check out the Oakstone Academy social media sites to see happy students of all abilities immersed in the natural school environment from preschool circle time all the way to high school dances. Come to one of our professional development institutes. Contact us for more information. We passionately believe in the success of academic and social immersion because we see that success happening every day.